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Optimize your Medications With
Pharmacogenomics (PGx) 

Save Healthcare Dollars, Have Fewer Side Effects.

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Nobody wants to take or pay for medications that don’t work for them.  Unfortunately, taking various medications for multiple health conditions can cause its own set of healthcare problems for some people.  The following 3 step process will help you achieve better results from your medications!

  1. Contact me to Schedule a Consultation

  2. I perform a Comprehensive Medication Review and arrange for Pharmacogenomics testing.

  3. I review the results and share them with you and your doctors so you can get better results from your medications!



I am Dr. Luke Probst, a concierge pharmacist, and I optimize people’s medications using their own genetic traits to avoid treatment failures and other adverse effects.  Optimizing medicines to what works for you and your body can help people and healthcare providers avoid the “trial & error” approach to medicine that can cost time, money, and unwanted side effects.

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I know how frustrating it can be to play a guessing game with medications that might take a toll not only on your wallet but on your body as well.  Medications should help, not harm, you.  I am a Board Certified Doctor of Pharmacy with specialized training in Pharmacogenomics (PGx).  I have spent most of my 35-year career as a pharmacist in academic medical centers providing clinical services to complex adult and pediatric patients including those with oncology, cardiac and other conditions.  I’m ready to help you navigate the jumble of medication options to find what's right for you and your body without the guessing game!

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About Pharmacogenomics (PGx)
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  • 80% of the way we treat and prevent illness is through medication.

  • 75% of patients who visit a provider's office leave with a prescription.

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But how do you know if a medication is right for you and your body?  Most prescribers use a “trial and error” approach with medications, assuming you will respond just like everyone else is expected.  Sometimes, you end up trying several medications before one works for you and that you can tolerate.  


What if there was a better way?  A way to know what is most effective for your body, before you go to the trouble of costly trial and error?  

Combined with a Comprehensive Medication Review, Pharmacogenomics (PGx) lets us personalize your medication plan.  Using a simple test that identifies your genetic traits, we can identify what medication is likely to work for you so that you reduce your healthcare costs on ineffective drugs and unplanned healthcare visits, and have fewer side effects.  If you’re ready to have a Board Certified Concierge Pharmacist look over your meds and your genetic traits so that you can get the most out of your medicines, then click below to schedule an appointment today.


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